Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sell the pattern for your Butt Nugget Buckets?

No, I do not at this time, mostly because there isn't one. I came up with the modifications for the egg pockets on my own, and I am not a pattern drafter, so I just haven't taken the time to put it on paper. Perhaps in the future we will offer the pattern.

How do I care for my Butt Nugget Bucket:

We suggest handwashing. If your bucket does not contain leather, in the alternative we suggest a gentle machine wash and AIR DRY. A light steam iron will press out any wrinkles. DO NOT IRON LEATHER OR VINYL PORTIONS OF BAG. 

Why do I show a tracking number but my package says not received by the shipping company yet? We run production and shipping in batches. We ship any in stock items first and then as our in stock sells out, we go into production mode. When production begins, we print all packing slips and shipping labels at once to expedite getting orders out the door. We work diligently to keep everyone up to date on our production process and timelines on our Facebook page. Please follow us there and you'll be able to see where we are in the process. For specific order information, please use our contact form or reach out to us on Facebook and we are happy to update you at any time. 

What is your turn around time for shipping?

We keep some in stock supply that sells out quickly. When that happens, depending on sale volume, turn around time is one to three weeks. Everything is cut by hand, there is only one sewist, my toddler is my shipper (as in she makes me drive into town to the "Mail House" despite her father being a postal employee, just so she can put all the boxes in the drop box hatch, it's just her thing). We work as quickly as we can, but we are always happy to update you on the status of your order.

What is your return policy?

Due to the nature of our business, all sales are final with the exception of a flaw we didn't catch such as a tear or cut, or if we shipped you the wrong item. In that event, we are happy to remake the item or issue a refund minus the cost of shipping.